Rendine Constructions - New factory adds quality, efficiency and speed to Modularity by Rendine system

New factory gives Rendine a modular advantage

With the opening of a spacious new factory facility, Rendine Constructions is now a force in the emerging modular construction industry. And our customers are reaping the benefits.

FACTORY%202.JPGThe factory was established in 2020 adjacent to our existing headquarters in Geelong, and uses our trademark system, Modularity by Rendine, to enable design, fabrication and fit-out of modular sections under one roof before they are delivered to the client's site for installation and connection to services.

Under carefully controlled conditions in our factory, we fabricate modules - or modular building sections - with precise workmanship that typically is not able to be replicated in on-site (or traditional) methods of construction. The modules are assembled on-site, completing an architectural design that ensures we hand over a highly bespoke, eye-catching finished product.

Combining our new factory with the Modularity system also fosters a culture in which wastage is reduced, environmental impact can be lessened, and efficiencies are continuously maximised through workflows such as just-in-time delivery of materials. These significant benefits create cost savings that we are able to pass on to the client in the form of competitive pricing.

Cost is always an important consideration but Craig Whitford, General Manager of Modularity by Rendine, says the greatest benefit of modular construction is speed.

From the first pen stroke in our design studio to handing over the keys, the Modularity system typically takes half the time of traditional construction methods, he says. Crucially for many of our clients, there is significantly less disruption at the site during preparation and installation works.

“We now have the ability to design, construct, deliver, install and hand over a project in a remarkably short timeframe. That makes modular construction a compelling proposition for schools, sporting clubs, government contracts or community housing projects,” Craig says.

“With the new factory, we have invested in a quality-driven production line mentality that puts Rendine Constructions squarely at the forefront of the modular construction industry.

“When you take into account the speed of delivery, quality of workmanship and reduced disruption at the site, Modularity presents a pretty compelling case.”

The new factory also enables Rendine Constructions to consolidate a hand-picked, directly-employed workforce, says Managing Director, Greg Mills.

“Traditional construction doesn't always work that way, they're typically sub-contractors,” he says.

“With all the skillsets of construction under the one roof at the one time, you can set an aligned goal. And that's to build the best, most efficient modular building we can.

“The advantage of having a diversified team on site is we can have a go at anything. Electrical in there? No problem. Does it involve plumbing? Yeah, no worries. Engineering? No issue. You've got all the resources sitting there.

“We have all the tools in the toolbox to give the client the exact product to suit their needs, which is incredibly well-built buildings that reflect what they want to use them for. With this factory, that's exactly what we build.”